Elsa Naude


The ones I don't have yet the words for

2024Various techniques and sizes

I want to shout to the world how it feels. Let the world know how it corrodes, the [woman] label.

Chloé Delaume puts it so well: ‹ The word woman, I can't desert it. [...] It's easy for me because I don't inhabit my body very much. ›.* Mine, on the other hand, I cannot escape. Not my body, not the word woman, not what is projected around it. So I draw myself.

This body of work retraces my inner movements and revolts of being a woman. I question the otherness of my body and probe my difficulties in inhabiting it. It allows itself an indocile exhibitionism, which runs counter to the idealization in which some would like to confine it. I impose on their gaze this body to which I am constrained and constantly sent back. I emancipate myself and contemplate my discomfort in exposing myself this way, not quite free of the injunction to silence, decency and prudishness.

Since my intimacy is political, I search through the pieces of my life those which will create language. Through images, that soundless language.

✯Chloé Delaume in the radio show Bookmakers on Arte Radio

Series exhibited at the Syndicat Potentiel from March 7 to April 6, 2024, full program visible here (in French).

Semi-personal exhibition with Nina Ballay, Maïc Baxane, Hélène Bléhaut, Leïla Chaix, Valentine Cotte, Hélène Fromen, Alicia Gardès, Orlane Laage, Salomé Macquet & Marie-Yaé Suematsu. Contributors : Andrea Mendizabal, Mïca Meltœ, Modèle vivant-e, Zo Kiner-Wolff, Action Sportive Libertaire, Tamos le Thermos & Deux mains sur scène.

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