Elsa Naude


Healing, emancipating tales

2018Ink, digital painting, 16 x 20 cm

This book initiated by the theatre company Les Culottées du Bocal combines three feminist, therapeutic and emancipatory stories, forged by this first volume thread: sisterhood.
"Because we believe in the necessity of collective fights as much as we believe in the transformative power of stories we tell each other. Whether they are small daily resistance anecdotes, grand utopian novels, or the metaphor from a tale inviting us to step aside and explore new paths."

58 pages book, 500 printed copies, through a crowdfunding campaign
Published by Les Editions Culottées
Authors : Cherine Amar, Laura Carpentier-Goffre, Anne Loyal
Illustrators : Sana Achour, Nathalie Loyal, Elsa Naude
Graphic design and cover : Elsa Naude

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